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Tournament NameKhorne Husker Cup
OrganizerA.J. Murray
Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD)2017-08-26
End Date (YYYY-MM-DD)2017-08-26
NAF Fee Includedno
NAF Member Discountyes

Tournament Statistics


Runner up

Most touchdowns

Most Casualities

Stunty cup

Best Painted

Tournament Location
AddressUnderground Gaming
 7586 84th St
CityLa Vista
NationUnited States

What You Get
• Entry into the tournament
• Two Custom Khorne Husker Cup D6
• A chance to win a trophy/medal

Tournament Schedule
9AM - 9:30AM: Registration
9:45AM - 12PM: Round 1
12PM - 1PM: Lunch Break
1PM - 3:15PM: Round 2
3:30PM - 5:45PM: Round 3
6PM: Awards!

What you should bring
• Entry Fee
• Your (preferably painted) Blood Bowl Team
• 2 copies of your team roster
• Blood Bowl Field/Dugouts/Templates etc.
• NAF/GW Block Dice & D8

NAF Tournament Info
• This is a NAF approved tournament. If you are not a NAF Member you will be signed up to become one to have your progress tracked on

Team Building Rules
• Tournament will be “Resurrection Style” (rosters reset after each round).
• You are given 1,100,000 gold pieces to build your team using BB2017 team lists or the additional Team approved by the Blood Bowl rules committee (Slann) + the unnoficial experimental team, Khorne!
• You MUST have at least 11 players on your roster.
• You may purchase players, re-rolls, fan factor, assistant coaches, cheerleaders, and an apothecary as normal.
• Inducements are NOT ALLOWED unless you are playing a Stunty team.
• Stunty teams may purchase Bribes, a Halfling Master Chef, and Star Players. No other inducements may be purchased.
• Star Players MAY count towards the minimum 11 players required for a Stunty Team’s roster.
• If two coaches would have the same Star Player in a game, BOTH Star Players may take the field.
• The following teams will be eligible to win the Stunty Cup: Goblins, Halflings, Ogres, Lizardmen (w/ no Saurus), and Underworld (w/ no Skaven).

Additional Skills
• After team creation you must choose one of the “Skill Packs” below:
• Skill Package A
• 6 non-doubles upgrade skills
• Skill Package B
• 4 non-doubles upgrade skills and 1
doubles upgrade skill
• Skill Package C
• 2 non-doubles upgrade skills and 2
doubles upgrade skills
• Stunty Teams gets to award a Bonus of 2 skills their players can take on either a regular or doubles upgrade.
• No player can have more than 1 skill awarded to them.
• You may only award a maximum of 2 of the same skill to your team. (ex Dwarves can only have 2x Guard awarded to their team)

Special Rules

• They automatically work!

• Weather will be considered “Perfect” for the start of each game.
• This tournament uses a modified Weather Table:
1) Swealtering Heat- See Rulebook
2) Very Sunny- See Rulebook
3-4) Perfect
5) Pouring Rain- See Rulebook
6) Blizzard- See Rulebook

Khorne Team
• Any coach may choose to play the Khorne Roster:

0-16 Pit Fighters 6/3/3/8 Frenzy 60,000 GP
0-4 Bloodletter Daemons 6/3/3/7 Horns, Juggernaut, Regeneration 80,000 GAS
0-2 Khorne Heralds 6/3/3/8 Frenzy, Horns, Juggernaut 90,000 GS
0-1 Bloodthirster 6/5/1/9 Loner, Frenzy, Wild Animal, Claw, Horns, Juggernaut, Regeneration 180,000 S

*Playing with/against the Khorne Team does not count toward NAF Rankings. Therefore, any coach that gets paired against another coach playing the Khorne Roster may request to be repaired.*

Illegal Procedure
• In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Illegal Procedure will not be used.

• There will not be an official time clock. With that said, please play fast and keep your game within the allotted time. (Up to the descretion of the Tournament Organizer)

• We are here to have fun and play a little Blood Bowl. Sportsmanship is not encouraged from the coaches, it is required! Fouling 16 turns in a row, “stalling” to get a draw or win, and running up the score is not poor sportsmanship. Gloating and ridiculing your opponent while doing so is.

+30 points for a Win
+10 points for a Draw
+0 points for a Loss
*Tie breakers: TD’s Against; Net TD’s + Net CAS*

• Painting points will be awarded as an “All or Nothing” rating, meaning if you meet the minimum requirements you will receive 5pts that will be added to your final standing.

• No bare metal/plastic showing.
• At least 3 different colors on each model.
• All team players are clearly numbered.
• Each model is based (color and/or flock, etc.)

• Husker Champion (most tournament points)
• Runner Up (second most tournament points)
• Stunty Cup (highest finishing Stunty team)
• Best Defense (fewest touchdowns allowed)
• Best Offense (most touchdowns scored)
• Most Violent (most casualties inflicted)
• No Coach Left Behind (Last Place)

*The Khorne Husker Cup is a “Share the Wealth” tournament. Therefore, a coach may only win one award. If they would win more than one award, the next coach eligible for that award will receive it.*
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