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Tournament NameKhorne Husker Cup
OrganizerA.J. Murray
Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD)2017-08-26
End Date (YYYY-MM-DD)2017-08-26
NAF Fee Includedno
NAF Member Discountyes

Tournament Statistics


Father_Gailus (9812)Orc

Runner up

oldskewl (22181)Dwarves

Most Touchdowns

Most Casualties

Stunty Cup

Best Painted

Other Awards

Tournament Location
AddressUnderground Gaming
 7586 84th St
CityLa Vista
NationUnited States

What You Get
• Entry into the tournament
• Two Custom Khorne Husker Cup D6
• A chance to win a trophy/medal

Tournament Schedule
9AM - 9:30AM: Registration
9:45AM - 12PM: Round 1
12PM - 1PM: Lunch Break
1PM - 3:15PM: Round 2
3:30PM - 5:45PM: Round 3
6PM: Awards!

What you should bring
• Entry Fee
• Your (preferably painted) Blood Bowl Team
• 2 copies of your team roster
• Blood Bowl Field/Dugouts/Templates etc.
• NAF/GW Block Dice & D8

NAF Tournament Info
• This is a NAF approved tournament. If you are not a NAF Member you will be signed up to become one to have your progress tracked on

Team Building Rules
• Tournament will be “Resurrection Style” (rosters reset after each round).
• You are given 1,100,000 gold pieces to build your team using BB2017 team lists or the additional Team approved by the Blood Bowl rules committee (Slann) + the unnoficial experimental team, Khorne!
• You MUST have at least 11 players on your roster.
• You may purchase players, re-rolls, fan factor, assistant coaches, cheerleaders, and an apothecary as normal.
• Inducements are NOT ALLOWED unless you are playing a Stunty team.
• Stunty teams may purchase Bribes, a Halfling Master Chef, and Star Players. No other inducements may be purchased.
• Star Players MAY count towards the minimum 11 players required for a Stunty Team’s roster.
• If two coaches would have the same Star Player in a game, BOTH Star Players may take the field.
• The following teams will be eligible to win the Stunty Cup: Goblins, Halflings, Ogres, Lizardmen (w/ no Saurus), and Underworld (w/ no Skaven).

Additional Skills
• After team creation you must choose one of the “Skill Packs” below:
• Skill Package A
• 6 non-doubles upgrade skills
• Skill Package B
• 4 non-doubles upgrade skills and 1
doubles upgrade skill
• Skill Package C
• 2 non-doubles upgrade skills and 2
doubles upgrade skills
• Stunty Teams gets to award a Bonus of 2 skills their players can take on either a regular or doubles upgrade.
• No player can have more than 1 skill awarded to them.
• You may only award a maximum of 2 of the same skill to your team. (ex Dwarves can only have 2x Guard awarded to their team)

Special Rules

• They automatically work!

• Weather will be considered “Perfect” for the start of each game.
• This tournament uses a modified Weather Table:
1) Swealtering Heat- See Rulebook
2) Very Sunny- See Rulebook
3-4) Perfect
5) Pouring Rain- See Rulebook
6) Blizzard- See Rulebook

Khorne Team
• Any coach may choose to play the Khorne Roster:

0-16 Pit Fighters 6/3/3/8 Frenzy 60,000 GP
0-4 Bloodletter Daemons 6/3/3/7 Horns, Juggernaut, Regeneration 80,000 GAS
0-2 Khorne Heralds 6/3/3/8 Frenzy, Horns, Juggernaut 90,000 GS
0-1 Bloodthirster 6/5/1/9 Loner, Frenzy, Wild Animal, Claw, Horns, Juggernaut, Regeneration 180,000 S

*Playing with/against the Khorne Team does not count toward NAF Rankings. Therefore, any coach that gets paired against another coach playing the Khorne Roster may request to be repaired.*

Illegal Procedure
• In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Illegal Procedure will not be used.

• There will not be an official time clock. With that said, please play fast and keep your game within the allotted time. (Up to the descretion of the Tournament Organizer)

• We are here to have fun and play a little Blood Bowl. Sportsmanship is not encouraged from the coaches, it is required! Fouling 16 turns in a row, “stalling” to get a draw or win, and running up the score is not poor sportsmanship. Gloating and ridiculing your opponent while doing so is.

+30 points for a Win
+10 points for a Draw
+0 points for a Loss
*Tie breakers: TD’s Against; Net TD’s + Net CAS*

• Painting points will be awarded as an “All or Nothing” rating, meaning if you meet the minimum requirements you will receive 5pts that will be added to your final standing.

• No bare metal/plastic showing.
• At least 3 different colors on each model.
• All team players are clearly numbered.
• Each model is based (color and/or flock, etc.)

• Husker Champion (most tournament points)
• Runner Up (second most tournament points)
• Stunty Cup (highest finishing Stunty team)
• Best Defense (fewest touchdowns allowed)
• Best Offense (most touchdowns scored)
• Most Violent (most casualties inflicted)
• No Coach Left Behind (Last Place)

*The Khorne Husker Cup is a “Share the Wealth” tournament. Therefore, a coach may only win one award. If they would win more than one award, the next coach eligible for that award will receive it.*

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